Rest in Peace and Love – Michael McLarin and Linwood Jones (8/29/14)

It was dad’s birthday yesterday. Happy B(Earth)day Dad, Michael McLarin <3

And I saw my uncle in my dreams again. Oh he looked so healthy and full of life. You were always comforting me Uncle Linwood. Even from the stars you never stop comforting me.

Y'all come to me in my dreams and remind me I'm never alone, that you've transitioned into a different physical space but your spirits are always with, watching and protecting me.

Great Spirit keep them safe throughout their journey in the Universe <3

Rest in Peace and Love
Michael McLarin
Linwood Jones

Your Son,
Your Nephew,

And as frightening as it can be, that pain will make you stronger. If you allow yourself to feel it, embrace it, .it will make you more powerful than you ever imagined. It’s the greatest gift we have: to bear their pain without breaking. And it comes from the most human part of us: hope

– Professor Charles Xavier

The Eye and The Exchange (poetry)

“The Eye and The Exchange” by Mykell Hatcher-McLarin 8/27/14

How do you have a conversation with a poet?
You speak words to their words.
You speak words to their words.
You do not just read them and carry on.
You do not stop at the first line.
You take tender steps to the end glazing lips over syllables and hands over stanzas to feel the texture of the underbelly of a soul.
You do not disregard their meaning.
You watch as the metaphors take shape into sceneries while not being fooled by their coloring but seeing completely into their truth.
You do not sit there silent.
You rhyme with their reason so to continue on a ballad that doesn’t just ask, “how are you?” but “how are you really?”
You do not take them wit a grain of salt.
You listen deeply to the rhythm of their flow and you let their words hold you closely in cold summer rains.
You do not end with the superficial.
You see them through your third eye vision cleared by the awakening of a consciousness captured in the exchange.
How do you have a conversation with a poet?
You speak words to their words.
You speak words to their words.
You. Speak. Words. To. Their Words.
You do not just read them and carry on.

Celebrate Sensitivity (8/27/14)

Pause to Celebrate Sensitivity.
We don’t acknowledge the need enough in this world.
People so busy trynna be hard and cold and uncaring.
Trying to act like nothing else matters but “the grind” or “the game” or “the hustle” or whatever else distracts from seeing the whole picture the Universe is painting for Us.
When what we need more of is to tend to the soft, warm, care-filled underbelly of the beast that is apathy and indifference and lack of awareness.
Tend to that underbelly until the beast slumbers off and rolls over revealing all that is hidden behind stone bodies, spirits, and minds.
So we can see more of the Humanity of People.
So we can see that there is more to being hard and cold and uncaring.
See that even a little a bit of Love can make Gardens Grow From Concrete.

Mykell Hatcher – McLarin: The Makings of a Man


Thank You Felicia!! :) <3

Originally posted on Urban Renaissance:

I honestly have no idea where to begin talking about Mykell! I really believe he is one of the sweetest and strongest people I know for he has endured so much, but doesn’t let his battle scars hold him back, they propel him forward so that he may thrive. Anyway the first time we meet I was being a funny weirdo (myself lol). There was an open mic night on campus and I was helping set up and the mic was on and only a few people in the room so I took it upon myself to play with mic! Greeting everyone who walked in, made random sounds, and a sang a tune here or there. When Mykell walked in he received the same treatment to the point where we had a full conversation with me on the mic and he settling in preparing to perform!!! It was a pretty…

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Lobby Day (7/14/14)

Lessons from Today:

1. None of us do everything right the first time. We need to give each other room to learn from those moments. I think being vasicious isn’t actually helpful to anyone’s growth. Call people on their mistakes and then give room to learn from them. Otherwise we create an atmosphere of guilt and I know I don’t want anyone feeling guilty for what they say or do but rather feeling accountable and willing to learn based on the knowledge they were given.

2. It’s possible to hold ourselves and others accountable for the things we do and say. Actually it’s completely necessary. We all Act. We all Speak. I need to hold myself accountable for my actions and for the actions of those who need to be held accountable. I need someone to hold me accountable for what I do and they need to hold themselves accountable for what they do. Let’s not imbalance the scale but only acknowledging and accounting our actions or the actions of others. Let’s do both because we’re all here in these spaces. Please don’t act like there’s only one – Self of Others

3. Listen with the Intention to Listen (Straightforward)

4. Step Up, Step to the Side. Claim Space, Give Space. If you talk a lot please give room for other voices. If you don’t talk a lot challenge yourself to make your voice heard.

I’m not exempt. I’m still Learning these as I Speak on these Lessons πŸ™β€οΈ

Happy Birthday Jazz!!! 7/13/14


Look at THIS DUDE! This guy is literally one of the Greatest People I’ve ever met in my whole life!!! He’s got a Caring Heart, a Strong Will, a Powerful Voice, an Artistic Flow, a Random-Ass-Shit-Mind, an Authentic Spirit and so much more :D I can’t even sum up this dude in a IG text box fa real! But I can say that if you know this guy and he’s in your life Expect Abundance! Treat him right and you’ve got a wing man fa life! He’s always there for you when you need him (and got some funny ass shit to say during the process hahaha) Like when I jumped on his back first time I met him and instead of dropping me and punting me like he does his phone (Ha! *shade*), he carried me and since has been supporting me throughout my movement. Thank You Brother, Best Friend, Love! Happy B(Earth)Day Jazz!!!!

Happy Birthday Momma!!!! 7/12/14

Today is the B(Earth)Day of the Most Fantastic, Spectacular, Amazing, Phenomenal Woman I will ever have the Pleasure and Honor of Being a part of My Life:

πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ‘‘ My Mother, Sheila Hatcher!!!! πŸŽ·πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

I’ve been Blessed with her for 22 years of My Life, the World many more years and the Universe an Eternity πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

In Tribute to the Greatness that is My Mother, I wrote her a poem (that imma read her later today as a surprise :P) and I want to share:

“Sheila Hatcher” by Mykell Hatcher-McLarin 7/12/14

Hope comes in a form of something to believe in.
What do you believe in?
Hope for me is not a what but a who.
I believe in Sheila Hatcher.
My Mother.
My Mother who raised me, on her own, and did so with a force of a thousand mountains moving me from the Earth of Raw Sugar Skin up into Skies of Lavender Scarfs and Orange Peels and Black Pupils looking at me and saying,
“I am proud of you.”
She is proud of me.
Her child.
Her child who didn’t think it was possible to make a woman so strong, so powerful, so real, so everything loving that God wrapped up her into a Soul Unlimited by Life and Blessed Me by putting My Soul in the Body of her Womb.
I was Born into Royalty.
For My Mother is Divine.
A Queen.
A Queen who does not only Rule with an Iron Fist but also a Caring Open Hand holding me up with Love the span of Kingdoms and Heart encrusted with Gold of Truth and Gems of Wisdom.
She passed them to Me.
Her Royals given to
Her Prince.
Her Prince who never thought he could Rule his own kingdom or lead a people but is always Reassured by the Supportive Embrace of My Mother who took me by the hand and said in full,
“You are destined for great things Mykell.
All You have to do is Believe.”
And so I do.
I hold Hope in my Heart:
Her Child.
A Prince.
Mykell Hatcher-McLarin.
Because I have someone to Believe In:
My Mother.
A Queen.
Sheila Hatcher.

Mountain Names (poetry)

“Mountain Names” by Mykell Hatcher-McLarin 7/12/14

Open Plains.
Mountain Names
Shouted from the Top of the World right through the Pain
Disappeared within the Healing Frames looking down on past Loathing and Shame.
Echoing through the Caverns of Hope obtained is
Mykell M Hatcher-McLarin,
My Name.
I didn’t know I could Climb So High and feel Proud of where I’ve been Maimed.
Not cuz I Enjoyed those Days but because I came through them Changed.