I haven't drawn a self-portrait since 8th grade @.@ It feels good to draw again <3 So much so that it inspired me to write a poem ^^

Age: 33 (poetry)

“Age: 33″ by Mykell M Hatcher-McLarin 02/19/15

I looked in the mirror and saw you in it.
You were Me
smiling on pasts yet to come.
I say this cuz I’ve felt like I’m met you before.
Maybe in a dream.
Maybe in a haze.
Tripping on a memory yet lived.
You said to Me
You have yet to live
So keep fighting for this dream
It’s not as surreal as it seems.
Tripped backwards to move forward.
Mirrors don’t fool me
They just tell me truths unseen.
That’s when I looked in the mirror and saw you in it.
I saw Me,
a not so distant dream.

Funding Freedom for Ky Peterson (1/29/15)


***trigger warning: rape, sexual assault, battery, violence towards transgender people

Yes, rape can reach anyone at anytime in any situation under any circumstance.

And sometimes, when we have a chance to do something about sexual violence we don’t.

This is a chance to do something about rape culture and working to combat the injustice around sexual violence:

1. Please read Ky’s Story if you are not triggered by the topic of sexual assault.

2. Please donate to Ky’s Funding Freedom fund within your range of finance.

3. Please spread his story and help him in his fight for justice. Whenever you do share, please incorporate trigger warnings for those who discussions and stories of sexual assault are disorienting.

His life and his story are very important so do what you can <3

In Hope and Healing,


Please Support the Healing of Black Trans Youth

**Please Read**

In April 2014, I was honored the Black Trans Advocacy Award in Youth Leadership but I was unable to attend the BTAC conference and present on my youth leadership due to my school enrollment. Since I am scheduled to finish my classes in March, I am getting another opportunity to attend the Black Trans Advocacy Conference in Dallas, Texas from April 27-May 3, 2015.

In attending, I will be participating in the Leadership Program and presenting a workshop on how Art Therapy assists in helping transgender youth heal from trauma. Presenting this workshop will enhance my skill set and empower others as I continue working to rejuvenate our young trans people.

However, I need your help in getting me to the conference to persist in doing the work the community needs in growing as a collective. I have to fundraise $875 before April 1st. My personal goal is to be able to make my travel plans and book my hotel by March 1st so not to interfere too deeply with my coursework.
There are three different ways you can best support my scholarship fundraising efforts:

1. Donating to my fundraising campaign (any amount you can contribute) @ http://blacktrans.org/index.php?option=com_civicrm&task=civicrm/pcp/info&reset=1&id=54

2. Placing an ad in the Souvenir Journal @ http://blacktrans.org/souvenir-journal-advertising.html

3. Advertising on the Maryland State website @ http://blacktrans.org/index.php?option=com_civicrm&task=civicrm/pcp/info&reset=1&id=54

Alternative methods could be through providing frequent flier miles for travel and/or hotel vouchers to sponsor my stay at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Dallas – Campbell Centre that is partnering with the BTAC conference.

I would so deeply appreciate your aid in my efforts. Please spread widely throughout your networks.

In Hope and Healing,

Something I’ve learned in these past few years is nothing is permanent but what you focus on.

If you have problems but focus on problems instead of solutions your problems multiply.

I see it in everything and everywhere I’ve been.

People with poor mindsets lead the worst lives.

This world is all a mindset.

Once you master your mind you master your life

Waarheid Unbuntu

Shadowed Love (poetry)

Sometimes I see

silhouettes of hearts

trying to know what it’s like to



They climb into each other

Amorphous blob

of darkness surrounded by light

Love sometimes works like this

Morphing into one

collection of doubt

from another

collection of uncertainty.

Love usually works like this

from behind

shades of lusty panting

our silhouettes

combine at the hip


I Love You


I’ll love you only

if you make me forget

that I’ve been here before

trying to combine

with something

even if it’s the

Hope of Nothing

I can picture with

My Eyes Open

or with all the lights on.

Cuz when I saw

Our Silhouette

morphed into One

I realized it was

Only Mine

wanting to be


Rest in Peace and Love – Michael McLarin and Linwood Jones (8/29/14)

It was dad’s birthday yesterday. Happy B(Earth)day Dad, Michael McLarin <3

And I saw my uncle in my dreams again. Oh he looked so healthy and full of life. You were always comforting me Uncle Linwood. Even from the stars you never stop comforting me.

Y'all come to me in my dreams and remind me I'm never alone, that you've transitioned into a different physical space but your spirits are always with, watching and protecting me.

Great Spirit keep them safe throughout their journey in the Universe <3

Rest in Peace and Love
Michael McLarin
Linwood Jones

Your Son,
Your Nephew,

And as frightening as it can be, that pain will make you stronger. If you allow yourself to feel it, embrace it, .it will make you more powerful than you ever imagined. It’s the greatest gift we have: to bear their pain without breaking. And it comes from the most human part of us: hope

— Professor Charles Xavier

The Eye and The Exchange (poetry)

“The Eye and The Exchange” by Mykell Hatcher-McLarin 8/27/14

How do you have a conversation with a poet?
You speak words to their words.
You speak words to their words.
You do not just read them and carry on.
You do not stop at the first line.
You take tender steps to the end glazing lips over syllables and hands over stanzas to feel the texture of the underbelly of a soul.
You do not disregard their meaning.
You watch as the metaphors take shape into sceneries while not being fooled by their coloring but seeing completely into their truth.
You do not sit there silent.
You rhyme with their reason so to continue on a ballad that doesn’t just ask, “how are you?” but “how are you really?”
You do not take them wit a grain of salt.
You listen deeply to the rhythm of their flow and you let their words hold you closely in cold summer rains.
You do not end with the superficial.
You see them through your third eye vision cleared by the awakening of a consciousness captured in the exchange.
How do you have a conversation with a poet?
You speak words to their words.
You speak words to their words.
You. Speak. Words. To. Their Words.
You do not just read them and carry on.

Celebrate Sensitivity (8/27/14)

Pause to Celebrate Sensitivity.
We don’t acknowledge the need enough in this world.
People so busy trynna be hard and cold and uncaring.
Trying to act like nothing else matters but “the grind” or “the game” or “the hustle” or whatever else distracts from seeing the whole picture the Universe is painting for Us.
When what we need more of is to tend to the soft, warm, care-filled underbelly of the beast that is apathy and indifference and lack of awareness.
Tend to that underbelly until the beast slumbers off and rolls over revealing all that is hidden behind stone bodies, spirits, and minds.
So we can see more of the Humanity of People.
So we can see that there is more to being hard and cold and uncaring.
See that even a little a bit of Love can make Gardens Grow From Concrete.

Mykell Hatcher – McLarin: The Makings of a Man


Thank You Felicia!! :) <3

Originally posted on Urban Renaissance:

I honestly have no idea where to begin talking about Mykell! I really believe he is one of the sweetest and strongest people I know for he has endured so much, but doesn’t let his battle scars hold him back, they propel him forward so that he may thrive. Anyway the first time we meet I was being a funny weirdo (myself lol). There was an open mic night on campus and I was helping set up and the mic was on and only a few people in the room so I took it upon myself to play with mic! Greeting everyone who walked in, made random sounds, and a sang a tune here or there. When Mykell walked in he received the same treatment to the point where we had a full conversation with me on the mic and he settling in preparing to perform!!! It was a pretty…

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