Hey Willow Tree (4/7/14)

“Hey Willow Tree” by Mykell Hatcher-McLarin (4/7/14)

Keeping time like the Mayans
I’m looking to the sky and
watching the Sun move clockwise.
Life is happening before my eyes
and I’m not afraid to die
but I understand the desire to want to stay alive.
I sat underneath the willow tree,
seeing if I can make them laugh with me
so they can stand upright
and let in all the light
that they blocked out being sad.
I want the willow tree to know what it’s like to be glad.
Sorrow doesn’t have to last forever.
Getting rid of sorrow can be quite the endeavor
when you think that’s all you’ve got to live for.
“Hey Willow Tree, let’s not believe that anymore,”
I said as I looked into their leaves.
I wonder if it’s me they’ll believe.
So I’ll dance and look silly
hoping you’ll laugh in glee
or we can just talk about what you want your life to be.
I’ll sit next to you and listen
as you figure out what’s the meaning of this
Life that we’re all here living
and wondering why it’s part of my life that I’m giving
to you Willow Tree.
“It’s what I would want someone to do for me,”
I said watching the Sunset.
I wonder if that’s where light and dark first met.
Willow Tree don’t look so glum.
Life is far from done.
We’re standing here in time
and it’s up to you to claim yours as it is for me to claim mine.
Even when night falls,
the Moon wants you to stand tall
and see that sorrow isn’t an everyday.
You don’t have to live your life that way.
Here, I’ll stay here till Sunrise
and hopefully when you open your eyes
you’ll see what I mean
that even though life isn’t all serene
it can still be one good something.
We waited under the moonlight
looking at the water and talking all night.
As the Sun began to rise,
with light in my eyes,
I turned to look at you
and you might have thought it too good to be true
but you were standing a little more upright
than you were last night.
You wondered if that was ok
that you haven’t stood up all the way.
“There’s nothing wrong wit taking it day by day,”
I said, wondering if I caste your worry away.
I looked up to the sky
standing with the willow tree and I
kept time like the Mayans.
Cuffing the Sun with my hands.
“We’re all holding light in our hands Willow Tree,”
I said as their leaves blew in the breeze,
“It’s up to us to take this light and be all we can be.
Some days are gonna be harder than others
yet will still hold through, one way or another.”
As life was happening before our eyes,
we stood there watching the Sun move clockwise
while the willow tree whispered, “Now I understand more the desire to want to stay alive.”


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