When is time? (Poetry)

“When is time?” by Mykell Hatcher-McLarin (4/12/14)

Night time is the right time for the moonlight to shine bright. For stars to look for infinity within the vicinity of here and destiny. The moon will play the saxophone and dance on its own, to the rhythm of the shadows wasting away all its foes. And here I’ll dance along and here I’ll sing a song and here I’m floating beyond reach and I have yet to reach my peak. I’m still rising along the horizon right into the sun reflecting light into my eyes. And the sun will play the drums, loud, full of life and here I come, dancing some more. I look out the window, smile and walk out the door. I hold open dreamland and carry the magic in my hands to reality. What will this world turn out to be? Something wow and full of everything! Gives me more reason to sing. I’ll hold up the sky if it decides to fall and lift it back up to eternity with my all. I’m standing between time and timelessness, looking at the sky, filled with bliss cuz nothing says Life like my own presence. So what time is night time? So what time is daylight? Always. So turn up the rhythm, full pace. I’ll sing this song and dance from an endless list. I’ll create life from me to limitlessness.


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