Can you tell me what your voice sounds like? (poetry)

“Can you tell me what your voice sounds like?” by Mykell Hatcher-McLarin 4/27/14

Black toned reverberations that sound like suffering and the triumph that follows. Second soprano transitioned into bari-tener heart songs standing in a crowd unwavered. Higher-pitched masculinity unafraid of being classified as a loud ass feminist. Uncensored curse words mixed with “radical” rhetoric telling the white supremacist capitalist patriarchy to fuck off. Baltimore Ebonics misunderstood by academia and grammar and anyone who thought constructing a cultural dialect was the work of a non-intellectual. Poetic tremble in the midst of holding back tears but unable to hide the feeling of unweighting a burden. Affirmative active tense saying don’t apologize for being self but rather believing self had to be someone else. Silent thinking in order to listen to the voice speaking. A voice. My Voice. Heard.


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