Pyro-Revolution (poetry)

“Pyro-Revolution” by Mykell Hatcher-McLarin 4/30/14

How often do we lite fires?
Pyro-revolutionaries burning down the veil blocking our view of freedom and truth.
Set ablaze the night where the prison guards can’t find us amongst smokescreens as we pick open locks to let out our awareness.
Wildfire caught hold of the tabloids meant to keep us distracted from Uncle Sam painting bars to look like fences with a white-washed brush and telling us this our place in the American Dream.
Textbooks turned into the balls of chains as students line up to learn their History outside of the complex was only to clean the greener grass for those who could afford to walk freely in the suburbs.
Ever lite up a book that spread a false start?
Ever watch the story of the victors crumble into ashes as the story of the fallen revealed itself underneath words written in their blood?
I’m drunk in love with the idea that parties are held around bonfires.
Throw in the liquor of an ego and the bundles of ignorance used to numb our minds so we may watch them disintegrate.
Let’s roast privilege on the staff of oppression and devour the system till we’re full with conquest over systematic control.
The skies will light up from the blaze that spreads across nations of people no more willing to watch justice be extinguished.
Watch the veil burn.
Watch the complex burn.
Watch the system burn.
Ignite the revolution and remember how powerfully beautiful your eyes look over an open flame.


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