Healing Through Housing (5/7/14)

Health and Healing Everybody,

I want it to be known that all you supporters got me to my fundraising goal for surgery! Freedom is underway and it’s all thanks to your love, affirmation, support and caring. I promise and will commit to making a thank you video before the end of May/before surgery.

In addition to my other fundraiser, I have another really big ask to make. Now I’m asking if you could help me fund raise $800 more dollars for summer housing so I have a place to heal after surgery. Unfortunately, I did not account for housing in my savings (and I take full responsibility for this mistake) putting me I’m in a tight spot right now.

I won’t be able to receive my own income over the summer since I will need to dedicate that time to allowing my body to recuperate. Part of the cost is to help me pay for the hotel that I need to stay at in Ohio days approaching the surgery and days following so that my doctor can make sure my health is stable. The other part of the costs include groceries/food and cost for occupying the space I’m being offered to live in during the summer time.

Without a place to heal, my health could be in serious jeopardy. So please check out my link below:


Unfortunately, I don’t have much to give this time around even though I wish I could. I will be following up with all those who donated about their gifts from the last fundraiser. All I have is my spirit that will always be keeping you circled with as much positive energy as I can send out into the world. And sure enough I will continue to do so throughout this process and beyond.

Any support you can give would be so helpful whether it be through donating, sharing my link, sending me positive energy. Any type of support you can muster would be so helpful and appreciated ❤

With Love and Affirmation,

Mykell Hatcher-McLarin


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