In Other’s Words (poetry)

“In Other’s Words” by Mykell Hatcher-McLarin 5/7/14

Tonight. Tonight was amazing! Tonight reminded me of how stars come to creation. Tonight reminded me of how much it hurt for the sun to become but then it’s light filled the sky with luminance. Tonight reminded me of that sound of a heartbeat come from silence when you thought you were close to dying. Tonight reminded me of childhood laughter and the sound of innocence free of hatred. Tonight reminded me of what it means to be inspired. Tonight! Tonight was a continuous poem we wrote together. We told each other a piece of ourselves on the page and let it jump out into realness. We allowed our ears to take in truths and break down walls between difference and understand. We. We did this. Through poetry. Through stories. Through each other’s bodies set free from expectation and open to hold new beginnings. We did. Tonight. Tonight was amazing! Tonight.


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