Mother’s Day Weekend (5/8/14)


“I know this is the time that those of us who have or had loving relationships with our mother’s post really sweet things, but I just want to send some love and tenderness to those that have lost their mom’s to death or situation and special care to those who have/had mothers who were not the “hallmark” version, those who survived to share their stories, have had to work hard to learn that it wasn’t their fault and have learned to love in spite of and because of….<3″
— Louis Mitchell

This is not to sully Mother’s Day or Mother’s Day Weekend but rather to acknowledge that the presence of a mother in other’s lives is not universal and if there is a presence, their presence is not always “perfect” as the commercials may portray. We acknowledge your story ❤

Our Mothers, for those who can and do acknowledge their past and present presence, are still Loved. This is still your time, Mothers. Yet this is our time as well, “with and without” you.

Happy Mother’s Day Weekend and Happy Healing to Everyone ❤


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