Self Love (5/8/2014)

awareness of self. be more and more in growth with your awareness of self. let your own presence resonate within you, throughout your life, throughout everything you do. And with that awareness, acknowledge that you are the beginning and the end of all you encounter, all you feel, all you see, all you hear, all you taste, all you are. once you know that you are the center of your own universe, understand that big bang that creates you, oh universe, is love. That what puts you at center is love. That which helps your sensory become known to you is love. That your resonating presence is love. That when your growing yourself you’re growing love. That when you’re growing awareness of self you’re growing awareness of love. When you’re learning this is a part of your truth and continue to make those connections, I believe that you’re learning and practicing self love. (At least this is how I think of self love for myself)


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