Professional Excommunicators: The Snakes and the Hawks (5/11/14)


Some people are experts at pushing away those who care about them. Professional Excommunicators. They tell themselves everyone is a snake in the grass out to poison and kill them where they stand and once fallen. They don’t see the hawks flying over to swoop down and carry those snakes away. They don’t see those willing to help protect them from slithering lies they’ve been told about love and friendship and family and partnership and everything good people can be. They don’t see the currents that these hawks try help to carry them along so they can soar to new heights, not so they can drop them. They’ve forgotten that they don’t need to be alone to fly, that their wings could spread longer when conjoined with others. They got bitten by too many snakes in the past, pulling them down from the heavens. So they sat there in the grass with staffs pointed in both directions. Closed off from everything, everyone, the good and the bad. Struggling in Wonder: Why is everyone so poisonous? Why is everyone trying to slither untruthfully into my life? What is that sound above me? Are they trying to attack me from all sides?

It’s not something the hawks and they need to react in rage about. The hawks will get hurt trying to attack the staffs around them. They’ll get hurt knowing that the hawks tried. It’s not something the hawks and they need to pity. They don’t need false rainfall in the form of a shit storm. The hawks won’t get any closer from shitty pity.

It’s something that the hawks and they need to understand. It’s hard trying to open up and then feeling the fangs of a snake in their skin. It’s hard to swoop down in time before the bite happens. It’s hard to always want to keep moving once you have poison in your blood stream. It’s hard to fly in place while the hawks watch them stand there and close themselves off from everyone, including the hawks.

It’s. Hard.

Yet not impossible. It’s possible to trust the hawks and it’s possible to care for these professional excommunicators. Just have awareness, patience and understanding while giving time to heal and space to open up to let people in.

It’s a lot and it’s hard so if neither are willing to do so, then I say fly off or stay barricaded. But if both are then suddenly the snakes won’t matter as much, they won’t get through as much, they won’t be able to bite as hard. The teamwork alone will get y’all through.

Professional Excommunicators. You have hawks in the skies watching, caring for you. They’re there and they don’t hiss while they wait for your next move.


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