Facts About Shit (poetry)

“Facts about Shit” by Mykell Hatcher-McLarin 3/14/14

Everyone is full of shit.
To think that your shit gives off a better aroma than someone else’s shit is a load of shit.
To think that your shit shouldn’t be as important to you as someone else’s shit cuz you’re not dealing wit the same shit they are is a pile of shit.
What does differentiate your shit from my shit and my shit from your shit and our individual shit from everyone else’s shit, is our ability to own up to and acknowledge our own shit.
To say, I’m really going through some shit right now. Yet I’ll keep working through this.
To say, I’m feeling kinda shitty today. Yet I’ll put the effort to not.
To say, I know what I did was some real shit. I’m actively working to do and be better.
To say, yo you know that was shitty of me. I’m sorry I did that.
We’re all full of shit yet it’s how we handle our shit that’s makes a big difference in how we walk the world.
You can walk around wit soiled pants or you can clean yourself up and walk around refreshed.


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