I Am Greater than My Greatest Fear (5/17/14)

Saw this on my tumblr in my current bio:

I am greater than my greatest fear.

I looked at the words and thought to myself, I don’t remember writing that (but obviously seeing how it’s my account I must have). I used to have “Sometimes I don’t have hope in the future but then I realize hope is the only thing that’ll get me there.” It’s just really captivating to me cuz I was asked a minute ago “What is your personal philosophy?” and I’m not particularly sure what I want to say out of all the things I am thinking of. Yet the message in my current bio is pretty powerful. I don’t often see my words as words that can be perceived as powerful (but then again I play down myself a lot – and people have told me this time and time again – I’m still working on improving my self-esteem, it’s a work in progress) so reading this caught me off guard. I read them and said, “Damn dude, you say deep shit (cuz I curse a lot) like this???” Apparently yes, yes I do.

Buuuut long side conversation of acknowledgement and thought aside, I am just really reflecting on this message. I am greater than my greatest fear. There’s things that scare me (one of which I keep talking about a lot recently so it’s really off guard to read this message since it’s basically saying, “Myke you’re greater than this (not that I don’t have the right to be afraid but rather that courage – and confidence – comes from overcoming this said fear)” right when I needed this affirmation. Everything happens for a purpose ❤

I needed to see this. I needed to reassure my own worth and well-being and help improve my confidence. This summer is really gonna be a test and I’m sure I’ll see how I do with each passing day. Just gotta remember, I am greater than my greatest fear. (I still don’t know how to word my personal philosophy though)

P.S. – Why did I have to post this to facebook? I didn’t have to but I did anyway.


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