I Don’t Have a Car Yet I Have Character (poetry)

“I Don’t Have a Car yet I Have Character” by Mykell Hatcher-McLarin 5/23/14

Maybe what you lack in net worth (a license, a car, a house, a credit card, a full time job, etc),
You gain in character (kind, loving, caring, supportive, compassionate, etc).
Have you ever thought of that?
That even though you’re not exactly the most financially stable or best equipped with readily available transportation or have a place to call your own (yet that time will come),
You’re still a pretty good person (even with your mistakes and your confusions and your unknowing and your fear and so on).
Have you ever thought that
it’s not “all”-ways about what your “supposed to have” at this point in order for you to be important or enough?
Have you ever thought that when you speak on what you have that you put your hand on your heart and say “right now this is all I have to share” and that “all” is enough, is perfect, is inexhaustible?
Have you ever thought
You deserve love?
You deserve love Just as You are
and not for what you can write off on your taxes or what others can brag to their friends about or where you’ve been told you’re “supposed to be” right now.
You Deserve Love.
I hope now you’ve thought of that.


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