I Dream Serenity (poetry)

“I Dream Serenity” by Mykell Hatcher-McLarin 6/2/14

Come unto me
I swore I saw you in my dreams
Between two tall oak trees
And the trickles of light between leaves
Your smiles was captures in all the light beams.
I was in a cabin of my own design.
My baby girl running and laughing between Earth dunes divine.
It was like this part of the forest was all mine.
Where there was no formation of time.
We could just be happy and at peace forever.
My family and I together.
The wolves came to visit during warm weather.
And I felt rain trickle down my flattened chest.
Feeling this is probably my future’s best
Kind of memory
And what is wanted to be.
So I wake into now seeing this window and the trees
Seeing how they sway in the breeze
And think about how what I do now may lead to then
And how I’ve already started to begin
This path to a destination my dreams have let me see.
I won’t know for sure if it’ll actually come to be.
But at least I can sleep and dream that maybe,
This is what a piece of Serenity
Will look like for me


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