Thoughts on the Term “Triggered” (5/4/14)

For generations who overuse the term “trigger” – here’s my thoughts on A definition NOT THE definition. Which means it takes a community to possibly expanded or narrow it’s meaning, this is my contribution. Each person has different triggers and different reactions to those triggers. Let me know what you think.

Trigger: a physical or neurological response to a visual, auditory, or physical action or mention of an event or topic. Responses include but are not limited to pain (both physical or neurological), nausea induced by thoughts associated, an aversion to physical contact, involuntary body movement (ie tremors, twitches, limbs shaking, etc.), aggression, intense sadness (ie. depression), feeling out of control of ones own thoughts or actions, inability to relax (ie. insomnia), tense muscles, inability to completely articulate reasons behind response, an aversion to sound, involuntary screaming, and such along those lines.

I feel like generations coming are overusing the word “triggered” when meaning uncomfortable or I don’t want to talk about this. Now that’s not to say we should not state when we are uncomfortable and don’t want to talk about things however stating something is “triggering” to you to avoid stating that you just don’t is limiting those who are actually triggered by these topics or visuals.

Once again I would love to hear other’s thoughts on the concept of “triggers,” so please feel free to contribute.


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