Words Cannot Explain (6/7/14)

“You alone are enough”
— Dr. Maya Angelou – poet, inspirer, woman, leader, anchor, rock, teacher, mama, one of resilience, voice, and so much more that words cannot fully express.

One of many words yet words cannot fully express her presence. Hmm. Isn’t that something wonderful ❤ That one can just exist, BE, and that be all is truly needed to reveal, explain a legacy. Everything else just adds to the legacy and the wonder and the presence and the light and love that is self.

Watching Dr. Maya Angelou's service right now on the OWN channel. And I'm reminded of her words, the quote I started this status with.

We are Enough. All of Us. Enough.

Thank You Dr. Maya Angelou for reminders, for YOU ❤

Love, Light and Affirmation,


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