Showed Mom My Chest (Post-Op) (6/9/14)

I just showed Mom my chest while I was changing my graft dressing (might to a video on it so I can show how one can change after surgery – more resource giving) and she said it looks great. SHE said, and I quote, “[Your chest] looks great.” Then she proceeds to talk to her Prayer Sisters on her prayer line and told them, “I just saw Mercedes’ chest and it looks great. Really great. Oh she changing y’all. It’s such a blessing. Amen. Mmh. Amen” I finished changing my dressing, which she insisted on helping me change, and then told her “Thank you Ma” and she said, “You’re welcome. Thank you” to which I said, “You’re welcome.”

Pardon me while I cry myself to sleep (since I just took some pain medicine and drowsy time). She’s said it looks great y’all :’D. And I assumed she thanked me for including her in my process. Plus she wanted to help me ❤ Granted she mixed up my name and didn't get my pronoun right, she said my chest looks great! It's the little things ❤ She's still learning and she willing to do so.

I'm so blessed. God I am just so happy right now. So happy!


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