LGBT Community On Alert After Transgender Woman Found Dead (6/10/14)

LGBT Community On Alert After Transgender Woman Found Dead

The death of Kandy Hall is one of many deaths that have occurred within the Transgender community. East Baltimore is one of many places where these murders are occurring. Some of which have and have not been reported. I do not say this to pour salt into the wounds that are being scrapped into our community but rather to acknowledge that this will be a very painful process to work through, and in no place throughout that process should any of us ignore the anger and disgust that we feel towards these killings. If anything I believe we should embrace those feelings and use it to launch us into forward action (while also acknowledging our limitations and needs for self-care along the way). Some of us may have been taken from the fight for justice yet I wish for all of us to know that We are not defeated, nor are We voiceless. We are Stronger Beyond Measure, and this will NOT Continue on Forever.

Please be on guard and aware Bmore Kin ❤ I hope they find her killer and the justice that needs to come with them. May her killers find peace within themselves for only a disruption in one’s own energies could drive one to hate so much and feel they must kill another. Even more so Peace and Blessings to her and her family ❤


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