Her Graduation Heart Song (poetry)

“Her Graduation Heart Song” by Mykell Hatcher-McLarin 6/12/14

Sing loudly at graduation.
Big busted with a husky voice,
unbelieving of who thought “implants still don’t make a man into a woman.”
Sing loudly at graduation.
Stand at the stage wit mic in hand,
syncing proudly the words of Brown Beautiful Queen Songtresses who weaved music into the fabric of life.
Sing loudly at graduation.
Heart racing at the stares,
but the love of feeling no longer having to know why the caged Songbird Sings since Freedom is the beneath those wings.
Sing loudly at graduation.
This is the Final Time to Be Heard here,
so let the Voice carry beyond raptors and break down glass ceilings coming crumbling down where feet stand firmly.
My God!
Her Voice sounds so ready to tell the world she doesn’t have time to be messing around with fear.
Her Truth is Unmoving.
She Sings Loudly at Graduation,
as if everyone was watching and she wanted them to know
She would No Longer be Silenced.


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