Why Mykell is Pronounced Michael (poetry)

“Why Mykell is Pronounced Michael” by Mykell Hatcher-McLarin 6/15/14

I See You in My Smile
when I thought I wouldn’t laugh for a while.
I See You in My Eyes
even when the tears don’t want to subside.
I See You in My Face
when I stood in the mirror and recognized your trace.
You put Joy and Love in the hole in my heart
that is sometimes filled wit Pain and Sorrow
cuz every night I wish I could wake up and see you Tomorrow.
I look at your pictures and you somehow feel close
even when it’s your warm embrace I long for the most.
God can I dance with my father again?
I feel the music playing in my dreams
and see him reach out his hand
I run to him,
no need to ask twice, no need to demand.
And his arms are around me, telling me it’ll be ok,
as he sees my tears fall and gently wipes them away.
I see him in pictures,
longing to hear His Voice speak from the frame.
His Voice never comes from them yet He’s Present just the same.
I see His Smile
and I see His Face
and I know He’s with Me
No Matter his place.
His Spirit in Me,
His Physical one with Earth.
At least I can See Him
in Me, his child from Birth.
Dad, Father
Protector, Watcher.
I See You in My Face
that I know now is a way you’ve made your place.
I See You in My Eyes
that I thought may never dry.
I See You in My Smile
that appears when I can see that I am My Father’s Child.


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