Evolution vs Divine Creation (6/16/14)

I had a conversation a few days back with one of my friends about evolution vs divine creation. I wanted to share this conversation. Here we go:


My Friend: How do you feel about evolution?

Me: What kind of evolution?

My Friend: Human evolution. Like monkey to man.

Me: Hmmm not sure. I haven’t thought about evolution in a long time.

My Friend: Me either. Someone asked me about it . I think its a load of bull but I just was curious as to what you thought 🙂 and Good Morning lol

Me: Good morning 🙂 Personally, I wouldn’t say it’s a load of bull yet I wouldn’t say it’s the whole truth either. I think there can very much be an inclusion of evolution and divine creation in the existence and manifestation of life.

My Friend: Hmmm.

Me: I personally try to stay away from either/or because we exist in the inbetween of a lot of things.

My Friend: Yea true. I just focus on the spiritual aspect of things. I don’t know who created life or how we came to be.

Me: I believe we were created from stars so the universe 🙂 which has to do with both evolution and spirituality. The Universe is both biological and spiritual. For there’s the actual stars and planets that exist and then there is the Universe in/is Us spiritually. That’s my belief anyway.

My Friend: :)) I like that belief


If anyone wants to share, I’d love to hear thoughts about my friends question/the conversation of evolution and divine creation (not needing to be this one perse but could also include other ones you’ve heard/had).


2 thoughts on “Evolution vs Divine Creation (6/16/14)

  1. Here’s something to think about.

    “I personally try to stay away from either/or because we exist in the inbetween of a lot of things.”

    Many share a similar belief in the “in between”. When you sit down and stir through the modern day scientific research on evolution, many concur with the belief that evolution did indeed occur, as it is difficult to argue with bare fact. However, there is a gap in the research. Scientists have been able to explain how certain molecules would be able to work together to originate life, however there is no discovered science to explain the origin of life. More specifically, the origin of the molecules that sparked life. Here in-lies the necessity of the “in between”. This is where people advocate for an outside force, a higher power that created life.

    In conclusion, such “in between” believers advocate a higher power that created life and then the process of evolution following Darwinian concepts. They half-heartedly believe in both creationism and evolution.

    My question is whether such a belief is possible. More specifically, are evolution and creationism are mutually exclusive?

    If you ask strong advocates on either side of the debate, they will most likely say yes. If one is wrong, the other must be right. There is no in-between.

    In my opinion, advocating for an in-between is comforting, as it allows you to pick both science and faith. If you have to chose one side, you are ultimately advocating for the existence of God or the denial of God, and that is often too much of a life-altering question for most to definitively answer.

    ~Jessie J

    1. I personally have no need to choose one side because evolution and creationism are not mutually exclusive in my opinion. Nothing wrong with science, nothing wrong with faith. I would believe it very sad to not believe in evolution for evolution is growth. I would also believe it sad to live without faith for faith is hope. I hope in my ability to grow. I grow into my ability to hope. One infinitely flowing into another. The way I see the world and my existence in it, there’s nothing inherently religious about this process (for you can have faith not attached to a religion) nor is there anything inherently scientific about it either (for evolution in inherent in our nature). A wonderful balance of both, right in the in-between. in my opinion anyway.

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