Medicine (6/17/14)

There’s a point right in the center of the chest where you can feel the Heartbeat the Strongest. Everyday I rub my chest right down the middle and settle right at the center to listen to the Beat of My Own Drum. Soft like the Tread of Deer in the Forest Leaves. Loud like the Roar of a Bear at the Foot of a Cave. Wild like a Stampede of Buffalo across the Grassy Plains. Smooth like the Soaring of an Eagle in the Morning Sky. Medicine. I’ve come to discover that my Strongest Chakra is the Heart Chakra. Green like Nature, like Trees, like Earth. And so I’ve come to Listen to the Tune of the Forest Growing Inside of Me. The Melody, The Sound of Healing, Love and Life. Right Here. Inside Me. My Heartbeat.


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