My Namesake (6/17/14)

I Am So Thankful that I didn’t have to find a new name for myself. And this is not to be malicious towards others who do a lot of searching to escape from their namesake. This is to appreciate MY Namesake and what My Name means to ME. I have My Mother and My Father with me Completely and Totally. None of them are missing. My First Name carries the Strength and Creativity of My Mom. My Middle Name carries the Charm and Fortune of My Father. My First Last Name carries the History of My Mom. My Second Last Name carries the History of My Dad. The Hyphen intertwines their Histories.

THIS is why I am so Deliberate about My Name and get sooooo pissed off when people mess up the spelling, order, and/or entirety of My Name. When someone messes up my name, they are not only Disrespecting Me but also My Parents, My Family, My Ancestry. Just ask me how to get My Name right. And when I correct you, don’t refute me but rather Listen and Respect what I have told you.

Anyway, I Am Fortunate to have Parents that were looking out for me from the get go in ways they didn’t even know they would ❤


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