Stop shaming people for being sensitive, learn how to be softer, get in touch with your own sensitivity or else keep away from people you feel are too soft for you.

Stop shaming people for being survivors and being expressive about their survivorship. we heal by shedding the shame and opening up the wounds and expressing the pain and it is only when we are vulnerable and open that we are able to find each other. survivors need to be able to find each other; the solidarity heals us.

Stop shaming people for being femme. Full. Stop.

Stop shaming people for seeking love, affection, affirmation; all of our lives are made up of seeking these things and just because it is easier for some people to get them than others (and this is not something that happens in a vacuum, privilege is real) it doesn’t mean that anyone else is less worthy of seeking and finding these things.

Stop shaming people for having and expressing feelings; there are so many pent up people in the world, lashing out because they are shamed out of having any release.

Stop shaming people for being political; this shit saves lives, our lives depend on the dismantling of oppressive ideology.

Stop shaming people for not being more like you. It’s okay to think you’re the shit. You prolly are the shit. But so am I. So are we. There’s room for all of us to shine.

Stop shaming yourself for needing things to be easier; you are worthy of a peaceful, affirming, joyous, safe and free existence.


Via Mercy Medusa Minah


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