Lasting Love (7/1/14)

That funny moment when I’m at a family cookout and one of my cousin’s comes over to figure out who I am (in relation to My Dad’s family) and I tell her “I’m Michael’s Son” and she said “Whaaaaaa? Oooh! I see it! But I thought he only had a…” I smile at her and she says, “Oooooh ok” with a smile on her face, “Well it’s great to finally meet you.” 🙂

Had numerous family members tell me how they loved Dad so much, that he died too young ❤ I’d like to be remembered like that, (not die too young but) to have a lasting memory in the hearts and minds of other’s, warm feelings, comforting thoughts, lasting love. So much so that my kid(s) can be proud to say, “I’m Mykell’s daughter/son/child.” I’ll just keep being myself and see what happens. I’m positive and certain that’s what Dad did ❤


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