My Memoir (7/7/14)

Maybe I should write a book of my life. Something like Zami by Audrey Lorde. Or Notes of a Native Son by James Baldwin. Or I Know Why the Cage Bird Sings by Maya Angelou. Or Dreams of My Father by President Barack Obama. There’s just a lot of amazing literature out there about all these different lives of people. They decided to document themselves and keep track of their history. Maybe I want to do that for myself. Document my history. One day I won’t remember things like I do now (and even now I struggle with memory loss). I should get on that. If anything I should keep track of Myself cuz I’ll be the person to best do so. Not super important that anyone reads or even likes or even sees what I write but rather it’s Important not to let this Life slip through my fingers, out of My Memories. Looks like I’m gonna start my Memoir/Autobiography soon and to be continued as I continue along my path. Happy Healing/Writing Myke ❤


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