“Oppression Olympics” (7/10/14)

So imma put this on the table right now cuz I feel like this is a reoccurring theme:

This “Oppression Olympics” hoohah is gettin old and tired. I know I’m personally tired and no longer looking to be a part of movements that are in the business of putting down each other’s experiences because they aren’t your own. There’s at least one in every social identity category: Race, Ethnicity, Gender, Sexuality, Religion, (Dis)ability, Language, Citizenship, and Age. There’s a difference between acknowledging that their is a social climate that promotes this “caste system” and actually feeding into that climate.

I’m tired of different racial, ethical, cisgender, transgender, LGB, religious, lingual, ability status, age, immigrant status (as believed by Americans) communities being like, “We got it harder than you” instead of realizing that we all have difficult battles we need to fight and that community members and allies need to be on board trying to help each other win those battles. And I mean ACTUALLY supporting each other. None of that, I got you later…and later…and later…type non-sense. It’s not about fighting anyone’s battles for them, cuz we do have our owns too that we need to fight, but rather authentically being helpful in the causes of Being. Helping People Be Able To Be.

Like fa real, we as oppressed people got enough shit on our plate enforced by people in privileged positions without other oppressed people enforcing that shit too. How we supposed to get anything done when we busy fighting among ourselves? All the while the “top tear” who wish to watch us tear each other a part are doing so with popcorn in their hands? To be honest, I don’t think it’s relatively helpful when working on all the issues present within and towards different communities with that mindset. It’s important to acknowledge that we are all dealing with different things and we need to find multiple solutions to deal with those multiple, varying issues.

I’m done enrolling in the “Oppression Olympics.” Cuz Fa Real Nobody Actually Wins but those Not Competing.


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