Performing “Ameen” (4/20/15)

Last night, I had a powerful relapse of thought I never consciously experienced, a glimpse into a past I wasn’t old enough to remember, and a flash back of a future that hasn’t occurred in this life.

I performed what has been my most strugglesome and impactful poetry topic I’ve ever written on. And once again I cried in the middle of performing my piece. But in a very different way this time. From much deeper inside (to the point where I actually forgot my poem at one point Iwas so deep into the thought).

Afterwards, which I usually always inquire, I confusingly said “I never expect to cry. Ever. But I always seem to when I perform these poems. What is that?”

And something Lotus told me was amazingly affirming and extremely encouraging:

“It’s cool. You’re a sensitive dude. That’s a good thing.”

A good thing.
To be sensitive.
A good thing to be a guy and be sensitive.

I didn’t express exactly how much that meant to me Lotus but it meant an unexplainable amount.

Thank You for Honoring the Power of Sensitivity.
And even more so the Power of My Sensitivity.

Thank You heart emoticon


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