Regret and Forgiveness (6/12/16)

Don’t regret anything.

Even your greatest and maybe even repeated mistakes.

The moments when you falter are still moments of growth. Those moments show us truths about ourselves, even truths that we don’t want to face.

They can be frustrating, dehumanizing, make you feel like you’re nothing and instead of beating yourself up about them, you **could** walk away asking yourself, “So what does this mean for me?”

All we would need to do is being willing to ask and forgive ourselves for the answers we wish we didn’t have to provide.


I’ve had a pretty shit couple of days. The details aren’t really important but rather the feelings that come with them. Regret isn’t one of them. Shame is the most resonating emotion. And in this shame I must learn to forgive myself for the choices I did and did not make.

They seem so close together, the mistakes I mean. Regardless, I know I deserve forgiveness. And most from myself.

To forgive myself is still a serious struggle because I do not cut myself much slack. I would say barely any. So when a series of mistakes occur at my hands, I tend to get really bummed out and just unbearably critical of myself.

But what I need to do is to just be ok with the mistakes. To know everyone makes them and mistakes don’t define me, they just give me experiences to learn from, to become a better person.

So I do need to allow myself to be forgiven. To forgive myself. Because I do deserve forgiveness. I deserve to grow and so I must let myself become better to be better.

I may make the same mistakes later in life and even then I deserve forgiveness.  So I must forgive and not regret.

In the end its all beneficial. All a part of the process.


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