Assumptions About Attraction (7/24/16)

I’m coming to realize people’s assumptions about whom I’m attracted to really don’t matter. (Personally I mean it doesn’t matter, as to me. As in don’t mass produce that first statement to generalize or justify a thought that you believe should apply to everyone or themselves . Don’t do that shit. Anyway,)

I’ll just let people assume one way or another (since they’ll more likely assume only ONE way or another ONE) because if you don’t have the courage or interest to ask then you don’t really deserve to know. These are brave and intimate conversations to have with folk (well, again, speaking for me) so they take time and intention.

I mean I’m also not entitled to explain upon questioning yet I mean it’s not really something I’m concerned about explaining.
(cuz that’s the only two right?)
Whatever dude.

My mind is back back to the back in the day when people just shared their lived and all these intimate parts of themselves wit someone or someone’s else. The naming or labeling of these moments wasn’t probably at all or nearly as important as knowing they were Real and True and Happening.

What a day, I feel, it was to be alive and thinking as such.


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