Post Death (8/1/16)

All I’ve ever wanted for anyone is this world, whether I know them or not, is for them to be happy and at peace, to feel loved and that they truly matter. Not for any particular reason beyond that they just do. 

Whatever I can do to aid in that I will. But if I can’t I do hope others will do that for one another. 

And that my death wouldn’t be a reason that someone didn’t. 

When I die I don’t know how I want people to be feel. Maybe I want to feel matter of fact about it. Like “Shit… Myke died.” 

I wouldn’t want people to feel sad or that they lost something. But rather that there are still people in their life that will help them feel loved, happy, at peace and that they matter in this world. Cuz they do and they deserve to know this from everyone around them. 

What I could hope for is that everyone who cares about me and my death will let it be a celebration of a life not a morning of a death. That they will carry on, not like nothing happened, but rather that  nothing bad happened. 

Death isn’t a bad thing. It’s just a thing that we have yet to come to terms with and accept. That some of us fear because it does take away our ability to interact physically with a world, even though we continuously interact spiritually and emotionally and mentally with a world after death.

I hope my death doesn’t take away anything from anyone. I hope and I pray it doesn’t. That it only adds to this world. 

Please let my spirit continue to add something beautiful and meaningful to this world while I live and after I die. 

Please, let it be so. 

Asé and Namasté 



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