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May I Universe? (Poetry)

“May I Universe?” by Mykell Hatcher-McLarin 7/10/14

May I write poetry in your arms?
Laying under arches shooting stars into galaxies wrapped around My Heart, Me.
I’ll use novas to spell L-O-V-E.
I’ll write it out, Intentionally…
May I recite poetry in your arms?
You’ll hear me over the nebulas exploding from my voice as fear begins corroding.
Stardust comes down to Earth Free-floating.
And Life is Recreated, Hoping…
May I write poetry in your arms?
Move stars around to create words of Healing that’ll shift rotations of Feelings.
There’s nothing I’m Concealing.
I’m in the process of Revealing…
May I recite poetry in your arms?
It’ll sound like meteor showers raining Truth, filling this Space I Share with You.
Trust Me, Intimacy will Ensue.
I Promise, I Do…
I’ll write poetry in your Sunrise.
I’ll recite poetry in your Moon-filled Skies.
Look into the Stars through My Eyes
and watch all the planets Align.
As the Depth of this Moment Expands,
My Soul, You’ll come to Understand.
I’ll Be Here, an Evolving Man.
Just Please Hold Me and…
Let me Write Poetry in Your Arms
and I’ll cause you No Harm.
Every Word I Tell You is True
for this is All I Want to Do.


Stop shaming people for being sensitive, learn how to be softer, get in touch with your own sensitivity or else keep away from people you feel are too soft for you.

Stop shaming people for being survivors and being expressive about their survivorship. we heal by shedding the shame and opening up the wounds and expressing the pain and it is only when we are vulnerable and open that we are able to find each other. survivors need to be able to find each other; the solidarity heals us.

Stop shaming people for being femme. Full. Stop.

Stop shaming people for seeking love, affection, affirmation; all of our lives are made up of seeking these things and just because it is easier for some people to get them than others (and this is not something that happens in a vacuum, privilege is real) it doesn’t mean that anyone else is less worthy of seeking and finding these things.

Stop shaming people for having and expressing feelings; there are so many pent up people in the world, lashing out because they are shamed out of having any release.

Stop shaming people for being political; this shit saves lives, our lives depend on the dismantling of oppressive ideology.

Stop shaming people for not being more like you. It’s okay to think you’re the shit. You prolly are the shit. But so am I. So are we. There’s room for all of us to shine.

Stop shaming yourself for needing things to be easier; you are worthy of a peaceful, affirming, joyous, safe and free existence.


Via Mercy Medusa Minah

Hearts Break? (poetry)

“Hearts Break?” by Mykell Hatcher-McLarin 6/22/14

This is not a way out.
This is not escaping from anything.
This is embracing everything as if it was.
For it is.
Every rock thrown at glass windows,
fragile and unwanting to break.
Tend to tampered seals
looking to be forced open.
Unwilling to break.
I am not running from anything.
I am not trying to escape.
I am embracing everything as if it was.
For it is.



The World will Embrace Us (6/7/14)

“Maya Angelou taught me that if you just keep being your authentic self that the WORLD would embrace US”
— First BLACK Lady Michelle Obama

I emphasis BLACK because this is what is her emphasis in her speech. She is a Black Woman who is in a place that Black Women are not expected to be. And she speaks of how Dr. Maya Angelou helped her FEEL she could be where she is now.

As for her quote, yes! Yes! Most of some of our lives are lived trying to fit in the mold of the world rather than the world shaping around our mold.

I know I have lived most of my life so far doing so. Reaching out for an accepting hug from those around me. I lived most of my life so far trying so hard to be someone who would want to embrace me by molding myself into the space where I could fit into someone else’s arms. But something sparked and is continuing to spark in me that tells me, “Myke you don’t have to reach out to get an embrace that you need to fit around your entity. No Son, you just need to BE. To be your authentic, unapologetic self and those who wish to embrace you for you will open their arms to FIT around YOU.”

First Lady Michelle Obama saying the quote I began this messages with reminded me of this lesson. Reminded me that I, we, don’t need to change to fit inside the world. No. That the WORLD NEEDS TO CHANGE TO FIT US. As we change the world will change with us. For the more we stand in our truths, the more the world will have to come to us to be with us, to stand in our light for we will be unwavered by the push and pull of those outside of us trying to change us into someone we are not, to take us out of our light. The WORLD will EMBRACE US.

Reemphasizing my last post as well. We are Enough. The world will need to start making accommodations.

Love, Light, and Affirmation,

Warm Rain (poetry)

“Warm Rain” by Mykell Hatcher-McLarin 3/5/14

Take me in your arms rain cloud.
Basque me in your warm droplets of purity and redefine what it means to be free.
Bang drum beats on my temple and seep into my skin a sense of healing.
Your warmth is my safe place.
Where I go to wash away the pain of yesterday and live for this moment to dance between your rain drops.
I am yours.
So don’t let me go to drowning.
Hold me while I become soaked by your cleansing.
I’ll embrace your warm showers of love and we’ll rest together under the stars.

Mother Embrace (poetry)

“Mother Embrace” by Mykell Hatcher-McLarin 2/6/14

I held the hand of Mother Earth before. Her fingers were in the shape of branches and her palm the trunk. I could see her life lines and feel her touch, rough and comforting against my skin. She held my hands with those hands so strong and told me I would be strong too. “Just grow my little spirit, grow” I heard her say as I fell asleep in her protective embrace.

What I Should Say When I Talk to Myself (2/3/14)

Don’t think down on yaself. Remember that moment in time when your imperfection was so obvious and you overemphasized it so much after the fact. You just kept telling yourself, “That was sooo bad” or “I totally messed that up” or “Wish I didn’t do that.” Well let me tell you something, we’re all imperfect and that moment is passed. No need harping on it cuz what will it really do for you. The answer is nothing. Just chill out. Don’t get so antsy about things that are not in your control (whether it be in that moment or what was already past). When you embrace the imperfections that make you and the moments were you’re not at your best, you can grow from them. Sure it wasn’t perfect. Sure it wasn’t your shining moment. It’s not the end of the world but the beginning of an opportunity for improvement. Just be your imperfect self and not the perfect person for someone else. Stop harping on the past, live in the moment, look forward to the future ❤ 🙂

With Love and Affirmation,


I am a positive person but I get really tired of aggressive optimism. If someone’s sad, let them be sad. All emotions have purpose. Sadness isn’t destructive if not prolonged. Sadness isn’t unproductive, as it offers awareness. Telling someone to “cheer up” or “be happy” is so ineffective and patronizing. The last thing a sad person needs is for someone to judge their feelings as pointless and unappealing. Welcome sadness, just don’t let it consume you.

Illya Parker