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Tyler Perry And The Faux Empowerment of Black Women By Preston Mitchum

Tyler Perry And The Faux Empowerment of Black Women By Preston Mitchum

In Honor of Women’s History Month, I share this article writing by Preston D. Mitchum. I love the way you articulated your point and just how truthful it is. Once upon a time I had respect for Tyler Perry. That respect has long since wavered. I’m positive there are several people who adore Tyler Perry and power to you. Yet I personally decide to wonder what is so admirable about his films (besides the comic reliefs of Madea). What blooded picture is he painting of our Black Women? What faux heroism is he instilling in our Black Men? What colorist, poor, abusive rhetoric is he “preaching” to our Black people? None that I believe is conducive the growth and well-being of the Black community. Also, case in point (which I’m very glad that you brought up Preston) is he is a MAN who is being given the opportunity to represent WOMAN empowerment. How does that make any sense to anyone? If he were an ally, which I surely do not deem him to be, then he would be waiting on the wayward side as support, NOT the main event. He could be the microphone but damn sure not the voice. The voice of Woman Empowerment should be a WOMAN! Thank you Preston for saying this and for sharing this with us  Keep standing in your truth. You have support by your side!


Real & Honest (2/21/14)

Real & Honest (2/21/14)

“Being real and honest about how you feel is NOT negativity. It is this process of being HUMAN that we have come here to experience. It is through our HUMANNESS that we truly find our empowerment as a Soul incarnated”
— Mr. Chris

They judge you for the type of music you listen to, for the type of clothes you wear, for the color of your skin, this is a cruel world…but with people like us, we create a space and hope for the world that it will change. The moral arc of the universe bends towards justice but it doesn’t bend on its own.

It is a sad day, but I am glad that we can create a community of solidarity and empowerment to continue the hard task ahead towards equal justice.

Harvey Luna