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Self Talk (5/28/16)

I talked myself off the ledge yesterday. And at this point, I’m wondering if I’m the only one who can. Surprisingly, not because I believe no one cares to try or cares to save my life but rather because I’m the only one who can save me and based on my particular style of persuasion when it comes to death, I only have the right organization of words and thoughts to affirm myself enough to feel important.

It actually has nothing to do with the friends and family I have that could definitely persuade me but rather everything to do with how much I feel in that moment that anyone cares and usually I feel no one does.

In that moment, I wholeheartedly lost all reason to remain here and then I told myself that I would always find a reason to stay, that the amount of good things that have happened and shall happen are always more than the bad things and that no matter how low I get I will always never choose death. And so to legitimately get over myself.

It was pretty aggressive actually haha I can be pretty aggressive with myself like all the time. But I see that it’s pretty worth it. Cuz well I didn’t die yesterday, I’m still very much alive and re-inspired to make my way in the world and help out where I can and am willing.

Who says that this will always work? But I sure will make it work for as long as I can. And who knows that could be for the rest of my time here 😛


Please Support the Healing of Black Trans Youth

**Please Read**

In April 2014, I was honored the Black Trans Advocacy Award in Youth Leadership but I was unable to attend the BTAC conference and present on my youth leadership due to my school enrollment. Since I am scheduled to finish my classes in March, I am getting another opportunity to attend the Black Trans Advocacy Conference in Dallas, Texas from April 27-May 3, 2015.

In attending, I will be participating in the Leadership Program and presenting a workshop on how Art Therapy assists in helping transgender youth heal from trauma. Presenting this workshop will enhance my skill set and empower others as I continue working to rejuvenate our young trans people.

However, I need your help in getting me to the conference to persist in doing the work the community needs in growing as a collective. I have to fundraise $875 before April 1st. My personal goal is to be able to make my travel plans and book my hotel by March 1st so not to interfere too deeply with my coursework.
There are three different ways you can best support my scholarship fundraising efforts:

1. Donating to my fundraising campaign (any amount you can contribute) @ http://blacktrans.org/index.php?option=com_civicrm&task=civicrm/pcp/info&reset=1&id=54

2. Placing an ad in the Souvenir Journal @ http://blacktrans.org/souvenir-journal-advertising.html

3. Advertising on the Maryland State website @ http://blacktrans.org/index.php?option=com_civicrm&task=civicrm/pcp/info&reset=1&id=54

Alternative methods could be through providing frequent flier miles for travel and/or hotel vouchers to sponsor my stay at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Dallas – Campbell Centre that is partnering with the BTAC conference.

I would so deeply appreciate your aid in my efforts. Please spread widely throughout your networks.

In Hope and Healing,

Happy Birthday Jazz!!! 7/13/14


Look at THIS DUDE! This guy is literally one of the Greatest People I’ve ever met in my whole life!!! He’s got a Caring Heart, a Strong Will, a Powerful Voice, an Artistic Flow, a Random-Ass-Shit-Mind, an Authentic Spirit and so much more 😀 I can’t even sum up this dude in a IG text box fa real! But I can say that if you know this guy and he’s in your life Expect Abundance! Treat him right and you’ve got a wing man fa life! He’s always there for you when you need him (and got some funny ass shit to say during the process hahaha) Like when I jumped on his back first time I met him and instead of dropping me and punting me like he does his phone (Ha! *shade*), he carried me and since has been supporting me throughout my movement. Thank You Brother, Best Friend, Love! Happy B(Earth)Day Jazz!!!!

Happy Birthday Momma!!!! 7/12/14

Today is the B(Earth)Day of the Most Fantastic, Spectacular, Amazing, Phenomenal Woman I will ever have the Pleasure and Honor of Being a part of My Life:

😍😍😍😘😘😘💜💜💜💜👑 My Mother, Sheila Hatcher!!!! 🎷💜💜💜💜🙏🙏🙏👏👏👏

I’ve been Blessed with her for 22 years of My Life, the World many more years and the Universe an Eternity 🙌🙌🙌

In Tribute to the Greatness that is My Mother, I wrote her a poem (that imma read her later today as a surprise :P) and I want to share:

“Sheila Hatcher” by Mykell Hatcher-McLarin 7/12/14

Hope comes in a form of something to believe in.
What do you believe in?
Hope for me is not a what but a who.
I believe in Sheila Hatcher.
My Mother.
My Mother who raised me, on her own, and did so with a force of a thousand mountains moving me from the Earth of Raw Sugar Skin up into Skies of Lavender Scarfs and Orange Peels and Black Pupils looking at me and saying,
“I am proud of you.”
She is proud of me.
Her child.
Her child who didn’t think it was possible to make a woman so strong, so powerful, so real, so everything loving that God wrapped up her into a Soul Unlimited by Life and Blessed Me by putting My Soul in the Body of her Womb.
I was Born into Royalty.
For My Mother is Divine.
A Queen.
A Queen who does not only Rule with an Iron Fist but also a Caring Open Hand holding me up with Love the span of Kingdoms and Heart encrusted with Gold of Truth and Gems of Wisdom.
She passed them to Me.
Her Royals given to
Her Prince.
Her Prince who never thought he could Rule his own kingdom or lead a people but is always Reassured by the Supportive Embrace of My Mother who took me by the hand and said in full,
“You are destined for great things Mykell.
All You have to do is Believe.”
And so I do.
I hold Hope in my Heart:
Her Child.
A Prince.
Mykell Hatcher-McLarin.
Because I have someone to Believe In:
My Mother.
A Queen.
Sheila Hatcher.

“Oppression Olympics” (7/10/14)

So imma put this on the table right now cuz I feel like this is a reoccurring theme:

This “Oppression Olympics” hoohah is gettin old and tired. I know I’m personally tired and no longer looking to be a part of movements that are in the business of putting down each other’s experiences because they aren’t your own. There’s at least one in every social identity category: Race, Ethnicity, Gender, Sexuality, Religion, (Dis)ability, Language, Citizenship, and Age. There’s a difference between acknowledging that their is a social climate that promotes this “caste system” and actually feeding into that climate.

I’m tired of different racial, ethical, cisgender, transgender, LGB, religious, lingual, ability status, age, immigrant status (as believed by Americans) communities being like, “We got it harder than you” instead of realizing that we all have difficult battles we need to fight and that community members and allies need to be on board trying to help each other win those battles. And I mean ACTUALLY supporting each other. None of that, I got you later…and later…and later…type non-sense. It’s not about fighting anyone’s battles for them, cuz we do have our owns too that we need to fight, but rather authentically being helpful in the causes of Being. Helping People Be Able To Be.

Like fa real, we as oppressed people got enough shit on our plate enforced by people in privileged positions without other oppressed people enforcing that shit too. How we supposed to get anything done when we busy fighting among ourselves? All the while the “top tear” who wish to watch us tear each other a part are doing so with popcorn in their hands? To be honest, I don’t think it’s relatively helpful when working on all the issues present within and towards different communities with that mindset. It’s important to acknowledge that we are all dealing with different things and we need to find multiple solutions to deal with those multiple, varying issues.

I’m done enrolling in the “Oppression Olympics.” Cuz Fa Real Nobody Actually Wins but those Not Competing.

With Sheila Hatcher and Michael McLarin (6/6/14)

Just finished watching a Lisa Ling special on Transgender people with Mom. Kinda bittersweet. Bitter cuz in the stories of the Trans guys and them telling their stories (while I’m sitting there nodding but also realizing the interviews where working within a binary structure of gender), their families -more specifically their parents – were there in every step of their process (more specifically a Trans guy who is 21 like I am). Now where this is really bitter for ME is this kid starting including his parents early in so they were there for his surgery and to go with him to his first chest showing at pride. I chose to keep my mom at a distance instead of giving her a chance to understand earlier on. Now I don’t so much regret how this process went because it all has a purpose. Yet watching that documentary reminded me of my mom telling me, “I wish you told me you wanted to take hormones” and “I wish you told me about your surgery earlier so I could have made arrangements to be there for you.” I pushed her out cuz I was afraid she wouldn’t accept me or our relationship would degrade (and for a while it did from words she said and choices I made). But giving her a chance to change and evolve and accept and support in the ways she can now and will be able to more in the future has opened my eyes to what is really sweet. It’s Sweet that she came home and was like “I want you to watch this with me. It’s about transgender [people]” and the fact she wanted to come with me to Ohio and the fact that she said “I know God is leading you in the right direction. I love you” and the fact that she called me her SON and just so much that isn’t a part of everyone’s story. It’s…saddening that my dad couldn’t be physically here to support me through this (which I’m reflecting on a lot seeing how Father’s Day is around the corner – always a tough time for my mom, sis, me, and my grandma most especially seeing how she can’t have her husband or sons physical presence near) but I know he’s watching over, protecting me and his spirit resides in me and all around me his vibrations are extending. Both my parents are here with me, their energies within me, supporting me, balancing me, healing me. I’m blessed and loved. And I’m very grateful. Just a lot to think about tonight and days following. A lot to reflect on ❤ Goodnight (With Sheila Hatcher and Michael McLarin)

Healing Through Housing (5/7/14)

Health and Healing Everybody,

I want it to be known that all you supporters got me to my fundraising goal for surgery! Freedom is underway and it’s all thanks to your love, affirmation, support and caring. I promise and will commit to making a thank you video before the end of May/before surgery.

In addition to my other fundraiser, I have another really big ask to make. Now I’m asking if you could help me fund raise $800 more dollars for summer housing so I have a place to heal after surgery. Unfortunately, I did not account for housing in my savings (and I take full responsibility for this mistake) putting me I’m in a tight spot right now.

I won’t be able to receive my own income over the summer since I will need to dedicate that time to allowing my body to recuperate. Part of the cost is to help me pay for the hotel that I need to stay at in Ohio days approaching the surgery and days following so that my doctor can make sure my health is stable. The other part of the costs include groceries/food and cost for occupying the space I’m being offered to live in during the summer time.

Without a place to heal, my health could be in serious jeopardy. So please check out my link below:


Unfortunately, I don’t have much to give this time around even though I wish I could. I will be following up with all those who donated about their gifts from the last fundraiser. All I have is my spirit that will always be keeping you circled with as much positive energy as I can send out into the world. And sure enough I will continue to do so throughout this process and beyond.

Any support you can give would be so helpful whether it be through donating, sharing my link, sending me positive energy. Any type of support you can muster would be so helpful and appreciated ❤

With Love and Affirmation,

Mykell Hatcher-McLarin

***Important Conversations*** Draw Hearts, Not Lines (5/3/14)

***Important Conversations***

Last semester, my RA posted in our building one of those exercises people post when they want to the residents to get to know each other. The post said, “What is one of your aspirations?” (or something of the sort). I wrote”, “I want to be able to help fund/support as many transgender-specific transitions as possible (ie. therapy, hormones, surgeries, etc)” and went back to my room. Another day, I came into my building with a friend and saw that someone drew an arrow to what I wrote and wrote, “That’s gay.” I was so pissed off that I grabbed the marker and started to draw really heavy, stark lines through what they wrote. But before I could finish, my friend grabbed the marker and said very kind and gently, “Hey there, lines are so harsh” and proceeded to draw hearts over where I drew lines over the message. “There we go,” she said, same tone, and then put the marker down and motioned for me to move on past the post.

Her action in that moment has stuck with me since then and showed me a truth, love and wisdom that I didn’t even imagine could be so simply shown and felt. That poster that had once shown ignorance, disrespect and harm was then covered with what to me looked like Love.

I think about this now as I think about how close I am to surgery which brings me closer to being able to help support other people like me throughout their transitions (whether it be supplying my binders to people who need them or assisting in them getting hormones or helping fund their surgeries or whatever).

I think about this now as I think about all the ignorance and backlash that I and other trans & gender non-confirming people have and still do face.

And I think about how important it is for me to continue to choose love even in the face of hate. To not let someone else’s negative feelings of me deteriorate my character and my perceptions of who I am and the potential goodness of the world around me. I can acknowledge that I can be angry at ignorance, I can be sad at ignorance, I can be hurt by ignorance yet my reaction does not have to be harmful in defense.

Love can do so much more for than hate and harm ever could or will. Through her love, truth and wisdom, I learned this to be true. I remember this and feel refreshed and reborn ❤

In remembering this moment, I want to extend a thank you and deep appreciation for you Inanna for choosing love in that moment and showing me even the little things we do, like drawing hearts rather than lines, can make large, transformational impacts in changing minds and evolving spirits.

Help Genesis Return to College (4/23/14)

Help Genesis Return to College (4/23/14)

Hey Wonderful People,

Imma take a moment to redirect some of the sharing energy to my Brown Boi Genesis This cat is absolutely amazing and he needs some help getting back to school. His previous university is charging him $800 dollars to release his transcripts! Ridiculous right?! Anyway, he needs some support in getting the funds in order to get his transcripts released so he can continue on his path back to college. Here’s his link:


If you can, please donate, share, and/or send him some positivity to getting what he needs. I would deeply appreciate any help you can send his way.

With Love & Affirmation,