Before “Beautiful” (5/3/14)

“Not because I don’t think you’re beautiful but because I need you to know you’re more than that”

You are beautiful yet you should know you are more than that.

The acknowledgement that everything is important about you. The first word I say to you when you walk past shouldn’t be “beautiful.” Maybe I should start with, “Wow” or “Amazing” or “Outstanding” before the term “beautiful” even crosses my mind. And even if “beautiful” had crossed my mind, I should still wait till it’s been so thoroughly established that your looks are only a fraction of what is important to be seen. That I’m not staring at the light in your eyes because I solely find them beautiful but because I find them Captivating. You are Captivating. You are Stellar like Shooting Stars. You are Beyond Measure. You are Incredible. You are Bright like the Sun. You are Resilient. You are Intelligent. You are Brave like the smallest animal in the jungle who still fights to live. You are Strong. You are what looks can’t begin to describe. And after what you’ve come to know of you to be more than merely “beautiful,” then I will tell you – You are Beautiful.


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