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Funding Freedom for Ky Peterson (1/29/15)


***trigger warning: rape, sexual assault, battery, violence towards transgender people

Yes, rape can reach anyone at anytime in any situation under any circumstance.

And sometimes, when we have a chance to do something about sexual violence we don’t.

This is a chance to do something about rape culture and working to combat the injustice around sexual violence:

1. Please read Ky’s Story if you are not triggered by the topic of sexual assault.

2. Please donate to Ky’s Funding Freedom fund within your range of finance.

3. Please spread his story and help him in his fight for justice. Whenever you do share, please incorporate trigger warnings for those who discussions and stories of sexual assault are disorienting.

His life and his story are very important so do what you can ❤

In Hope and Healing,



LGBT Community On Alert After Transgender Woman Found Dead (6/10/14)

LGBT Community On Alert After Transgender Woman Found Dead

The death of Kandy Hall is one of many deaths that have occurred within the Transgender community. East Baltimore is one of many places where these murders are occurring. Some of which have and have not been reported. I do not say this to pour salt into the wounds that are being scrapped into our community but rather to acknowledge that this will be a very painful process to work through, and in no place throughout that process should any of us ignore the anger and disgust that we feel towards these killings. If anything I believe we should embrace those feelings and use it to launch us into forward action (while also acknowledging our limitations and needs for self-care along the way). Some of us may have been taken from the fight for justice yet I wish for all of us to know that We are not defeated, nor are We voiceless. We are Stronger Beyond Measure, and this will NOT Continue on Forever.

Please be on guard and aware Bmore Kin ❤ I hope they find her killer and the justice that needs to come with them. May her killers find peace within themselves for only a disruption in one’s own energies could drive one to hate so much and feel they must kill another. Even more so Peace and Blessings to her and her family ❤

Justice (poetry)

“Justice?” by Mykell Hatcher-McLarin 2/16/14

Justice was far away
and couldn’t hear your parting song.
“Who’s next in the onslaught?”
“Can’t think like that. Naw!”
“Justice where you at?!”
“I haven’t seen you so long.”
Voices raised.
Questions raised.
Onto another day.
But never one that’ll be the same.
All new faces
Blasted Away.
Justice come join us Today.
We’re searching for you.
Stop running Away.

Gone (poetry)

“Gone” by Mykell Hatcher-McLarin 2/16/14

Hearts Heavy.
Eyes Eclipsed wit Tears.
Who said Black Boys don’t cry?
Who said Black Girls don’t die?
I swear to God who said it was
A Lie.
I didn’t hear that gunshot.
I didn’t get that wound.
But My Heart is still gashed open
as I stand in this room
looking in the mirror saying,
“It could easily be you.”
All the Black Children.
Justice was far away
and didn’t hear your parting song.

They judge you for the type of music you listen to, for the type of clothes you wear, for the color of your skin, this is a cruel world…but with people like us, we create a space and hope for the world that it will change. The moral arc of the universe bends towards justice but it doesn’t bend on its own.

It is a sad day, but I am glad that we can create a community of solidarity and empowerment to continue the hard task ahead towards equal justice.

Harvey Luna

How To Make Sense Of The Michael Dunn Verdict BY NICOLE FLATOW

How To Make Sense Of The Michael Dunn Verdict BY NICOLE FLATOW

A Florida jury could not reach a verdict on the most serious charge facing Michael Dunn, a first degree murder charge for the fatal shooting of 17-year-old Jordan Davis after a dispute over loud music at a Jacksonville convenience store. Nevertheless, Dunn is all but certain to face a lengthy prison sentence as he was convicted on three counts of attempted second degree murder — one for each of three of Dunn’s friends who were also in the line of fire as Dunn fired ten rounds into their sport utility vehicle.


Hello all,

I’ve got to meet a really awesome person this weekend! His name is Anton Darklight and he does amazing work! I got to get a glimpse of the social justice work he does for Queer People of Color and more specifically Trans People of Color. He’s looking to create change plus help inspire and affirm generations of individuals who generally lack representation and positive imagery in our society. Along his journey, he is looking for support in getting his chest reconstruction surgery. His goal is $8,000 and could use as much support as ya’ll are able to give him. If you have the capacity to donate to his fundraiser, I ask that you please do. If you have the capacity to share the link to his fundraiser (that I have provided below), I ask that you please do. Please support in any way you can. Any amount and effort is important and is appreciated ❤


At some point in our lives, I know we found it difficult to make ourselves vulnerable and to ask for support in achieving something important in our lives. So I ask of all of you who take time to read this status and follow to his bio please take regard that this is a tough process but one not everyone has the privilege to avoid.

Thank you to all who took the time to Listen! Thank you to all who choose to Support!

With Love and Affirmation,